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Welcome to the new Ambient411. This will be our casual chatbox for all that is happening in the world of Ambient Devices, and more generally with ambient devices.

Please feel free to let am know your feedback on the new site. All the forums are still intact, but he has cleaned up some areas and added a few features. The biggest new feature is that the front page will now show a moderated news area with the latest from the Ambient team and close friends.

It has been wonderful seeing this little community grow, and we look to your two cents on what can make this even better.

- Nabeel
jun 25, 1:56pm permalink

just added a links category for 'ad in the news', it'd be great to get links up there for all the online press that AD has gotten.
jun 25, 3:25pm | permalink

Love most of the changes am, thanks for the update we've needed it. Noticed the Ambient boys have put up some updates over at as well, everything seems to be progressing nicely (although we are still waiting for that next product, can we get a sneak preview?).

Still finding some bugs on this site, which is a little bothersome, but since it's to be expected with a love-driven enterprise like a fan site.

Me and a couple friends are putting together a couple developer channels, so we'll be posting those soon on the new developer posting area.
jun 30, 12:44am | permalink

One more thing. I for one sorely miss have a poll somewhere on the front page, who do we have to pander to in order to try and get that reinstated?
jun 30, 12:45am | permalink

me i accept paypal.
jun 30, 1:44am | permalink

Definetely we need more polls everywhere. Count my vote.
jul 01, 12:31pm | permalink

Yellow kindof sucks, my orb shows it as a greenish with a little red in it (I know red and green = yellow, but it doesn't seem to mix well in my orb).
jan 10, 6:48pm | permalink

what does a pulsing purple mean in the context of my stock portfolion - I got that the other day (right after new years, everything rose quite a bit that day....)
jan 10, 6:51pm | permalink

Pulsing red or green means "outside the limits" as opposed to "at the limit." If 2.5% up for the day is the limit, then a pulsing green would mean it is above 2.5%.
jan 12, 10:41am | permalink

the "new" what about getting it to work.. somehow I can't seem to add topics now. I wanted to chat about what the available faces for the new Ambient Personal Dashboards will be, and when they are going to hit the streets.
jan 18, 9:34pm | permalink

As a fan-driven site, Am is dividing his time between work, his many other projects (such as , and this site. We at Ambient love having this little unofficial fan site around, and love that Am put it together. Hopefully he will get to fixing the couple of issues as quickly as possible, but a little patience is important with fan sites as you probably know.

I did have Ambient send him an Orb as a thank you for having such a nice site, so perhaps that helps induce him to fix a couple of the little bugs on the site.
feb 03, 11:45am | permalink

Hmmm, for some reason I thought this was associated with Ambient and not a fan run site - My apologies to Am for all the messages - I'm just very excited about the products.
feb 03, 12:15pm | permalink

Am. You should add a little notice saying that this is an unnofficial site. Then I'd adjust my expectations and be a little less annoyed with a few bugs here and there. This is my first time logging in but it's a bit difficult to get around the site.

And considering Ambient is so focused on being "as easy to use as a clock" it seems a little ironic that their fan site has bugs that make it hard to use. That said, am, if you want any help cleaning things up, I'm not sure what the site is written judging by the URLs my PHP skills may come in handy.

(Ps - the Preview button doesn't work when you are posting)
feb 07, 12:53pm | permalink

Hello. I dont know much about this new product.but im pretty sure it's an interesting one, I have questions, can they be answered?
apr 18, 2:40am | permalink

1st, what other types of ambients are there?
and please help me understand a little of what this product and what it can do.
apr 18, 2:43am | permalink

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