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Changeable Meters Automatically Track Stocks, Sports, Weather, E-mail and More

Ambient Devices, the leader in glanceable information displays, announced a line of personal dashboards at the International Consumer Electronics Show that show up-to-the-minute customized information from the Internet on meter-like displays with a needle that fluctuates as information changes.

The Ambient Dashboard is as easy to read as an analog clock, but with the power of wireless digital information. The Ambient Dashboard uses swappable analog display faces to show digital information being broadcast from Ambient's nationwide wireless network. Three initial dashboards will offer customers the opportunity to track the information they care about most:

• Executive Dashboard - Tracks traffic congestion on your route home, stock indexes, trading volume and weather forecasts

• Sport Dashboard - Follow team standings, game scores, league stats and betting odds

• Outside Dashboard - Get up-to-the-minute information on the skiing forecast, golfing index, tides, and sailing wind speed

Ambient Dashboards cost $129 with no subscription fee for the information broadcast service. Ambient's network covers over ninety percent of the U.S. population. The Ambient Dashboard will be available at fine home accessories and consumer product retailers in Q3 of this year.
jan 29, 11:17am permalink

More information at the official site:
jan 29, 11:20am | permalink

When are these going on sale and where? Am I only going to be able to get Sports channels if I purchase the Sports Dashboard, or can I purchase the Executive and get whatever channels I want later like the Orb?
feb 03, 11:33am | permalink

Good questions, and I hope there is still a developer interface. I think I remember reading that the Dashboard will be out before the holidays (it still months away, can't wait!) but I now can't find where.
feb 14, 6:49pm | permalink

Read that the dashboard will track the stock market indices but will it be able to track a single stock without a subscription?
This would be great for keeping at work and tracking the home team.
mar 27, 5:19pm | permalink

Thanks for the question rkraft.

The Dashboard's content will be similar to the Ambient Orb and Beacon. You will be able to track major stock indices, an individual stock, or even an aggregate of your portfolio. Any information we can generalize to broadcast, such as the major stock indices, or the regional weather, we will continue to offer without the need for a subscription fee. If it is a customized feed, such as your custom stock portfolio, then you will need a premium subscription since we'll need to be incurring additional network costs. And of course with three faces you can track the "home tream" as well as two competitors.

Or perhaps track your companies stock, a main competitor, and an internal company metric like inventory. Just as with the Orb, there will be customizeable channels so you can send whatever information you want to your Dashboard.
mar 29, 11:28am | permalink

Nice piece in Wired magazine this month, I bet these things are going to sell like hot cakes. PLEEEASE include the ability to print your own faces or have blank faces or some such thing - which I'm sure you guys will.
mar 31, 7:27pm | permalink

What weather service provides the Ambient weather info?

As a sailor/windsurfer/kitesurfer, I'd love to have access to the WeatherFlow network, which has a high-density network of precision sensors. Any chance this is possible with the standard channels or would I have to code my own?
apr 16, 2:54pm | permalink

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