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I have been looking at the Lantronix Wiport link as something to use for making the Orb wireless in a way other than using the paging network. It is basically an 802.11b enabled device server with two serial ports which could be used to control the orb. I suppose RS232 transcievers would work as well but the WiPort has more features. Has anyone else found other possibilities? Bluetooth maybe?
apr 27, 6:03am permalink

This looks very interesting. Have you already contacted them to find a reseller / price?
apr 27, 12:44pm | permalink

The single unit price is $119 USD, the development kit is $299. Obviously this is pretty expensive. I'm going to see if I can get them to send me a dev kit for free or get some sort of discount or something. I should be receving reseller information from them soon. I will post updates.
apr 27, 2:40pm | permalink

The xport doesn't make it wireless but does give the serial kit a net connection. link
may 16, 12:55am | permalink

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