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Hi! Our product, EyeOnWeb ( is a custom web alert software. There are products on the market that will monitor a web page for you and alert you to a change in the web page. They also will highlight differences between old version of the page and the new one. Our product is different as it goes one level deeper and lets you specify particular fields on the web page you want to monitor. These fields are named and you can set conditions on them as to when to be alerted. Scheduler, running in background, checks the web periodically and triggers an alert when conditions are satisfied. All this is done in graphical interface, without programming.

Alert can be delivered in several ways, defined in EyeOnWeb as notification methods. We have several notification methods: popup window, sound, email, etc. Our new version 2.1 adds one more, ambient device.

Some of our notification methods, for example, popup and email, are text based and show new values of the fields. Some, like sound, do not convey any information except the fact that alert was triggered. Ambient device is not text based, but conveys substantive information. This is why we needed to add some mapping tool to translate information in the alert into colors and animations of an ambient device.

This is done through ADScript, very simple script language that maps different values of fields on the web page to different colors of the ambient device. ADScript is passed as parameters to ambient device notification method.

While this may sound complicated, it is actually very simple and you can create a new custom channel based on any information on the web in several minutes. We are very interested in your feedback, so please let us know what do you think of our approach and how we can improve our product.

Alex Albert

jul 23, 12:14pm permalink

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