Jul 10 2003 .NET 1.1 Managed Library
MSwanson's .NET library for the Ambient Orb developer channel
Very helpful for adding a custom channel to the Orb pulling data from a .NET originating source, just click the "link" button to download
oct 09, 10:15am | permalink

Might you be allowing people to download Source Code somewhere?

I'm interested in making a Java library to complement your .NET one.
jan 31, 2:28am | permalink

Click the "link" button at the top to download the source code
mar 29, 5:25pm | permalink

It appears that the "link" at the top of this page only contains the compiled assembly. Is the source code still available? I'm trying to use the library, but I'm receiving times out consistently. Thanks
apr 06, 12:57am | permalink

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