Apr 23 2004 Ambient Java Library
I've whipped together a Java library based on Michael Swanson's .NET submission. I've tried to use the same structure, members, and methods where practical.

The library is available on SourceForge both through CVS and a file release (complete with source and JavaDoc):

http://ambientjava.sourceforge.net/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/ambientjava/

As I say in the README, the Ambient guys have already made it pretty simple to send updates to the orb, so this library mostly consists of constants (all the colors and animation modes), and a JDOM-powered class to parse the XML server response into accessor method-available attributes (like isOK() ).

There's no reason to complicate the simple, so here's the guts of the test class included in the library:

Orb orb = new Orb("YOUR-DEVICEID-HERE");

Response resp = orb.configure(OrbColor.Cyan,
OrbAnimationMode.Slow, "Cyan, Slow, and it is easy!");

if ( resp.isOK() )
System.out.println( "Woo-hoo!" );
System.out.println( resp.getMessage() );

Hopefully someone will find this useful. I'm planning on using it to hook up some Web Services.


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